Brazilian Carrot Cake

I found the recipe for this cake on the blog Technicolor Kitchen which is a great source for yummy and interesting recipes, especially brazilian inspired ones. I bookmarked the recipe a while a go and the other week was the perfect time to try it out when I discovered my forgotten carrots in the bottom of

French Chocolate Tart with an ‘Argie’ Twist

I have been making this recipe for years now, it has minimal ingredients and is fairly easy to make, yet it seems so sophisticated when you serve it for dessert, maybe its the name? Anyway, being in Argentina at the moment, I have started adding a little extra twist to it by placing a layer

Bariloche | Argentina

Bariloche, our last destination with mum and dad before they flew back to New Zealand in October. But before Bariloche we first passed through Gaston’s home town of Cinco Saltos, Rio Negro so that our families could meet for the first time and also to pick up Gaston’s mum so she could come with us

Upside Down Plum and Almond Cake

I usually make this cake with grapes but seen as they aren’t in season for another month or so and seen as we have an abundance of plums at the moment, here it is Upside Down Plum and Almond Cake. The cake itself is deliciously moist with the use of almond  and you could really

Mum’s Christmas Mint Truffles

We have been making these in our family for ever since I can remember, as kids mum used to give us a hammer and the mints wrapped up in half a dozen plastic bags and we were allowed to crush them up out side before adding them to the cookies and condensed milk. These days

Cordoba | Argentina

Now looking back through our photos of Cordoba, I realise we didn’t really take too many of the actual city and probably didn’t document it as well as we could have. Not because we didn’t enjoy the city but probably more because we were having too much fun and were too busy enjoying all the

Figs, Ricotta and Honey

I Love Summer!!! Especially here in Argentina where figs are 20 pesos ($3.90aud) per kilo at the moment. We are remembering back to last year in Sydney where they were $5 each! bigger ones than these but still… Anyway we are making the most of them… Delicious on their own but to change it up

Tiramisu with Baileys and Italian Meringue

So Gaston’s Birthday was last month and his requested Birthday cake was not a cake but Tiramisu… So here is my first attempt. I used a recipe from SBS Australia which uses italian meringue folded into the mascarpone instead of any gelatine or other thickeners. I followed the recipe pretty accurately (which I usually never

Purmamarca | Argentina

Another trip that can be taken from Salta is The Purmamarca day trip. But because me and Gaston had visited here a few years ago and loved it, and because we also wanted to visit the Salinas Grandes while up that way, we decided to make it more than a day trip and managed to

Beetroot Dip

Inspired by a meal at a vegetarian restaurant Covita in Bariloche which we enjoyed as a side to our vege burgers, since then we have used as a spread for toasts, a dip and as a sauce for vegetables. Beetroot Dip – 5 medium beetroots – 3 cloves garlic (in skins) – Pinch of salt