Figs, Ricotta and Honey

I Love Summer!!! Especially here in Argentina where figs are 20 pesos ($3.90aud) per kilo at the moment. We are remembering back to last year in Sydney where they were $5 each! bigger ones than these but still… Anyway we are making the most of them… Delicious on their own but to change it up

Tiramisu with Baileys and Italian Meringue

So Gaston’s Birthday was last month and his requested Birthday cake was not a cake but Tiramisu… So here is my first attempt. I used a recipe from SBS Australia which uses italian meringue folded into the mascarpone instead of any gelatine or other thickeners. I followed the recipe pretty accurately (which I usually never

Beetroot Dip

Inspired by a meal at a vegetarian restaurant Covita in Bariloche which we enjoyed as a side to our vege burgers, since then we have used as a spread for toasts, a dip and as a sauce for vegetables. Beetroot Dip – 5 medium beetroots – 3 cloves garlic (in skins) – Pinch of salt

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry season one of the many things I love about summer. At only 32 pesos a kilo $6aud I think im going to make the most of them. I suppose this isn’t really a traditional strawberry shortcake but still tasted pretty good. Strawberry Shortcake For the Shortcrust Pastry – 250 grams flour – 125 grams

Honey & Whey Bread

As promised here is one way to use up that leftover whey from making your own greek yogurt. You could still make this bread without the whey just use water in its place. Some other ideas for using your whey… – Substitute whey 1 for one with any recipe that calls for buttermilk, creates the same

Homemade Greek Yogurt

  So I have been suffering here in Argentina from lack of thick, creamy greek yogurt, the type you find at Top Juice in any Sydney Westfield on top of fresh fruit salad! arghhh I miss it so bad! The majority of yogurt here comes pink and almost the same consistency as milk. There is

Lemon Meringue Pie

This was my first attempt at Lemon Meringue Pie, for Mother’s Day here in Argentina and after tasting all the delicious lemon pies in Bariloche, I was tempted. So it didn’t work out sooo perfectly but it tasted great, and I’m convinced the recipe is also great, its just my impatience with the lemon curd

Chocolate Zucchini Loaf Cake

I found a version of this recipe a few years ago on food52 its a community site where people submit their best recipes to a ‘themed’ competition, for example zucchini and squash or thanksgiving sides etc, a great place to search for some interesting dishes. Anyway I wanted to try a cake that uses zucchini and found

Crunchy Choc-Oat Biscuits

This recipe is from the ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ show in Australia which me and my aunty happened to come across while watching tv one night. The melted milk chocolate and crunchy oats seemed super appealing given the cold weather. For me the biscuit turned out a bit flatter than I had hoped for, next time

Fresh Pea, Pumpkin & Lemon Pasta

We have had our Oscar Vital Max Pro 900 juicer for around 4 years now and love it so much we brought it with us to Argentina!  We use it mainly as a juicer but it also comes in handy for making’ homemade pesto’s, fruit ice creams and even homemade pasta. We chose the fettuccini nozzle and