Gold Coast | Australia

Trip one of our explore Australia ventures. We are back living in Sydney and realised just before we left last time that we had been living in Australia for 2 years and the furthest we had been out of Sydney was 2 hours away to the blue mountains! First on our list of places to

12 Hour Stopover in LAX, No sweat!

12 Hour Stopover in LAX? Thats the situation we found ourselves in earlier this year. If you happen to find yourself on an extra long stopover in this beautiful city follow our itinerary. Take a free shuttle to one of the following Hotels, we chose the Sheraton Gateway. – Marriott LAX – Courtyard by Marriott –

Monte Hermoso | Argentina

    Finally getting this post up before the summer is over, we were actually in Monte Hermoso around the middle of January but better late then never! We tagged along for the trip with ‘Gaston’s brother’s, girlfriend’s family’ (arghh what a mouth full) anyway they were nice enough to invite us and we were

Bariloche | Argentina

Bariloche, our last destination with mum and dad before they flew back to New Zealand in October. But before Bariloche we first passed through Gaston’s home town of Cinco Saltos, Rio Negro so that our families could meet for the first time and also to pick up Gaston’s mum so she could come with us

Cordoba | Argentina

Now looking back through our photos of Cordoba, I realise we didn’t really take too many of the actual city and probably didn’t document it as well as we could have. Not because we didn’t enjoy the city but probably more because we were having too much fun and were too busy enjoying all the

Purmamarca | Argentina

Another trip that can be taken from Salta is The Purmamarca day trip. But because me and Gaston had visited here a few years ago and loved it, and because we also wanted to visit the Salinas Grandes while up that way, we decided to make it more than a day trip and managed to

Cafayate | Argentina

So one of our day trips while staying in Salta was to visit the nearby town of Cafayate best known as a great wine growing region and in particular for their ‘Torrontes’ wines. And here we had only 1 out of the 4 of us who actually drinks alcohol, my mum.  Last time me and

Salta | Argentina

So after a 6 hour bus ride from San Ignacio to Resistencia (Rio Uruguay, 188 pesos / $37.70aud), a 5 hour wait in Resistencia bus station and a 13 hour overnight bus (Flecha Bus, 441 pesos / $88.50aud) We finally arrived on the other side of Argentina in Salta, or Salta La Linda (Salta the beautiful)

San Ignacio | Argentina

San Ignacio, a tiny little town just 4 hours out of Iguazu, this stop can be easy to miss, but if you have the time it is definitely worth a visit, the main attraction being some of the best restored Jesuit ruins in Argentina. There are over 30 Jesuit settlement sites around the area of