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Finally getting this post up before the summer is over, we were actually in Monte Hermoso around the middle of January but better late then never!

We tagged along for the trip with ‘Gaston’s brother’s, girlfriend’s family’ (arghh what a mouth full) anyway they were nice enough to invite us and we were looking for a mini holiday to see the sea, having been landlocked in Cinco Saltos for the past few months.

I can’t say that we had high hopes for Monte Hermoso, when I tried googling for information there wasn’t much on offer in english and what was there gave the impression of a dreary little place with the main and only attraction being a really tall lighthouse.

Anyway maybe that was for the best, you know when somebody tells you about a movie and how great it was and then you go having high hopes for it and end up being disappointed.
Well maybe this is what happened with us in Monte Hermoso but the other way around, we didn’t have high hopes so were pleasantly surprised about it all…

Despite the lack of information online, there certainly aren’t a lack of tourists, thousands and thousands sprawl out along the beach and the beach is the biggest I have personally seen in my lifetime, 32km of it to be exact! A unique attraction of Monte is also that the sun rises and sets over the sea.
Even with all the tourists though I didn’t hear anyone speaking english the whole time we were there. When we were speaking english in shops or supermarkets the locals would look at us curiously and ask where we were from.
As far as I can see this is a benefit to english speaking tourists who want to holiday in a place in Argentina where they don’t feel as though they are back in there own country, you get the chance to see how the locals holiday!

In winter apparently the towns population drops significantly and there isn’t a whole lot to do there with many shops and restaurants closing down for this period.

Accommodation was arranged by Cintia’s family and was a hired out house a few blocks from the beach. It almost seemed that every second house was for hire, so there are plenty of options for accommodation… If you were in the mood to try something a little more outdoorsie we came across this place which was the most elaborate camping site I have ever seen! Security gates as you enter, swimming pool street names and there own map!

Our favourite little spot to eat was Amanda, Recetas con amor we haven’t come across many cool little cafes since being in Cinco Saltos, there isn’t the same cafe culture that you find in Australia or New Zealand except for one of little treasures like this one, we were first attracted by the crocheted cactus sitting out front and the old style bike and bits and pieces as we entered, we knew this would be somewhere we would enjoy. Gaston had a great coffee, we shared a slice of delicious homemade apple cake and took home a large round of homemade bread. Coming back the next day for breakfast before we left as well. Visit this place if you can, its on the main shopping street.

What else can I say about Monte Hermoso? It is a great place for relaxing, the atmosphere is laid back and safe, even though it is in the province of Buenos Aires you don’t have to be worried about looking over your back every few minutes. There are sand buggy’s parked in the streets, some people use there quad bikes to get around town, there are night markets you can stroll to check out what the local artists have to offer and sometimes there is even live music or mini theatre shows nearby. Its a pretty nice place and a pleasant surprise for the first beach I have visited in Argentina.

Oh and of course just before we left we visited the famous light house which is supposedly the largest in South America and the third largest in the world. 10 pesos will allow you to climb to the top, getting dizzy along the way and enjoy a great view of the beach below. I can cross that one of the list!

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