Raw Lemon Caramel ‘Cheesecake’

You may have noticed I haven’t posted many recipes lately, mainly because I decided to stop baking so much, deciding it just wasn’t that healthy to be eating that much sugar.

Anyway I have been trying out a few healthier options, this cake I have made twice already.
Raw Lemon Caramel ‘Cheesecake’ which has twice ended up looking great and tastes amazing! I was surprised at how much flavour the ‘Cheesecake’ mixture had.

To get the best effect make this recipe in a 18cm round tin, its small but ensures you get the height and the cake doesn’t end up looking like a pancake.

100% raw vegan, with a base comprised mainly of dates and caramelised buckinis while the ‘cheese’ is created with cashews and coconut cream, be sure you take the time to blend this well as the success lies in replicating the creaminess of a traditional cheesecake.

The ingredients end up costing quite a bit more than most traditional baking recipes, but think of it as investing in your health.

Recipe can be found HERE via Loving Earth




twotontosRaw Lemon Caramel ‘Cheesecake’